Mess Manager- Android App

Mess manager android app,Developed by

This app will help to manage full mess or group (where bachelors live) , so no need to use paper and calculator anymore.No need to worry of losing any data because it’s a online based app.

How to Use:

Social medial for mess members:

Members can post anything on the news-feed,that will help everyone to find new member,to sell or buy used products.

Management tool (for meal expense calculation):

1: First create your account from “Sign Up” option using your username ,your email and a password.

2: Then go to Dashboard and create your mess from “create mess” option using your Mess Username.

3: Then Add your other Mess member (if he is Manager then Select Manager button and if not select Member button and create member.)

4: Those Member already created their account for them, go to Add member(add existing user) and add them using their email address.

5: Add all other member of your mess from the “Add Member / Add Existing Member” Option.

6: The manager of your mess only have the permission to add “Daily cost”, “meal Number”, “Deposit Money to a Member” and “Other Cost” from various option .

Note: Let all members to know mess username and mess password so that they can login their mess of their own phone and check their cost, deposit, meal number, balance and etc.

Note: Every Member should Use their Valid Email so that they can reset their New Password In case of forgotten password.

Note: Only Manager can edit info of his mess from “Present Month Details” option.

Key Features:
1. online database,Real time update,PDF download
2. notification system
3. Group chat
5. single message
4. Adding And Removing Member
5. Show Previous Month Data
6. Show Present Month All Data
7. Change Manager
8. Start A New Month After Each Month
9. Each member have personal profile in one mess
10. All member can see all the updated cost,meal rate at any time of the month from their
personal profile
11. Full free
11. and many more

All of your data will be stored in online database and It is being saved backup everyday.Besides this you can take update by saving pdf by your own. So nothing to worry of loosing any data.Your Mess data will be always safe.

All features are absolutely free with no limitation.

So install it today and start using our app.

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Features of app(we are adding more and more features day by day):

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